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About NVTC

  • NVTC has over 39 years combined experience in the WOF and entry level certification industry.
  • We offer a top quality inspection service with a common sense approach while applying the rules and specifications as set by the NZTA and the Vehicle Inspections Requirements Manual (VIRM).
  • We have vast experience in left hand drive vehicles, special interest vehicles, immigrants vehicles, and of course vehicles imported from Japan and all over the world.
  • NVTC has direct links to service providers (eg shipping, customs, border inspections, vehicle inspections, and appraisals in japan
what we do

Vehicle Certification

All vehicles entering New Zealand must be checked, certified, registered and licensed before you can use them on the road. This process is called entry certification.

What’s involved

  • Only approved testing stations can carry out entry certification inspections.
  • The process involves an entry certifier:
    • verifying that the vehicle met the required safety emissions and frontal impact standards when manufactured
    • carrying out a vehicle inspection to verify it is still in good condition
    • deciding whether the vehicle needs any repairs and/or specialist certification to meet legal safety requirements
    • certifying that the vehicle meets safety and emissions requirements
    • verifying who legally owns the vehicle.
  • Where the vehicle meets requirements, the certifier issues:
    • a registration application form (form MR2A),which verifies that it has passed these checks and is safe for you to drive, and
    • a warrant of fitness or certificate of fitness, depending on the vehicle’s size.

  • For more information visit NZTA

Over 39 years combined experience in the WOF and certification industry